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Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to unwind, relax and help the body return to Stillness. Deep healing can begin for a person when the Body, Mind and Soul are guided back into balance and Massage Therapy is a wonderful tool to help guide this process. I bring a holistic approach to my work based on over 20 years of experience.

The benefits of massage first showed themselves to me when I was working as a chiropodist in the early 90's using massage as part of integrated foot care. During this time I was also undergoing a two year period of personal training in spiritual healing, meditation and clairvoyance at the College Of  Psychic Studies in London which helped bring together the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.

Massage Therapy

Lorna Wernham

My life path then took a dramatic turn when I met a Native American Elder and was offered an opportunity to move to the USA  to begin a traditional apprenticeship. Over the next 6 years I lived and studied and learnt what it means to live as a 'person of  medicine'. This time in my life has deeply rooted me as an individual and offers a solid foundation upon which I base my work.

In 2005 I qualified as a Massage Therapist and offer treatments in Swedish and Pregnancy Massage and will be offering Hot Stone Therapy to my clients from March 2012.


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