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Reiki, Reiki Drum & Lotus Blossom Head Massage

Lesley Sherlock ~ Roseheart Reiki

Reiki is both the name for the system of healing and is the name for the energy, which loosely translated means ‘ spiritually guided universal energy’. We are surrounded by energy everyday in many forms. Reiki is a high frequency energy that can be channelled by a practitioner for use either on themselves or other people.  Having a reiki treatment is therefore very relaxing, can help with physical aches and pains, emotional problems and can also help you get back in touch with who you are. Many of us have conflicting demands placed upon ourselves and our time and it is all too easy to be swept along by the busy pace of modern life; reiki is a tool to help you take time out for yourself. 
Reiki is not just another complementary therapy, it is a way of managing your personal energy and staying in touch with who you are. It was originally developed out of mainly Tendai Buddhist meditative practises and the healing benefits were more a side effect of these. Reiki is however easy to learn and a First Degree course will equip you with all you need to know and you do not need to adhere to any particular religious belief or system, it will still work for you.
Reiki Drum Technique
This is a relatively new reiki healing technique that combines the stabilising and grounding sounds of the drum with the high frequency energy of reiki. There are three core techniques: Reiki Drum Healing, Reiki Mental Emotional Re-programming and Reiki Drum Journey. Depending on what you wish to address, drum sessions can help you to release energetic blocks, let go of negative habits or tendencies and connect to your own inner wisdom around challenging life issues. You can also use a session to help you focus on a particular goal or personal issue that you would like help with. People with depression and addiction particularly benefit from these sessions. The first two techniques include some traditional hands on Reiki, the Drum Journey is purely drumming, a guided meditative journey inducing alpha and theta states allowing a heightened state of consciousness which can reveal deep personal insights, even in the days following the session.
Lotus Blossom Head Massage
This head massage loosely follows the system developed by Narendra Mehta, who first brought Indian Head Massage to the UK as a standalone therapy. It uses a series of rhythmic massage techniques over the upper back, neck, arms and head to release tension, soothe aching muscles and uplift your energy. It includes some facial acupressure, vocal toning and visualisation (optional) and is completed by energy balancing using Reiki. If you suffer from migraines, tension headaches, insomnia, use a computer regularly or have IBS then this is your perfect therapy.  It is carried out with the client seated and does not use any oils or creams. Prepare to feel refreshed and uplifted!
Lesley Sherlock has been practising professionally since moving to Suffolk from London in 2014 and has recently completed the Reiki Drum Practitioner training, which she is very excited to be able to offer to clients at the clinic. She was first initiated into the reiki energy system in 2004 and has regularly continued a personal practice since then, training to Master Teacher level in 2009.  She teaches Reiki based on the traditional, simple Japanese system, which focuses on reiki as a daily spiritual practise.

Call the centre directly to book treatments or if you would like further information, Lesley offers a free no obligation telephone consultation.

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