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Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy /
Counsellor / Life-coach

Karen Ferris - DipHyp(Dist)Dip CP MCS(Acc) LHS GQHP GHR Reg

There are many reasons why you might be considering therapy, for example, you might be facing, or trying to get over a crisis in your life, or you might just feel ‘stuck’ in an unsatisfactory job, or relationship.
Other triggers that prompt people to seek out therapy are

- A feeling of being unhappy
- That life is chaotic and out of control
- A general feeling that there is ‘more to life’
- Family problems, eg  trying to juggle the demands of marriage ,children elderly parents
- Menopause.
Women can find this period of their life particularly demanding. During this time of hormonal upheaval they can feel a whole range of emotions , feeling isolated, unattractive, useless and generally ‘down’ just to name a few and therefore may need support to move forward into the next phase of their lives..a time when their own personal needs ,wishes and ambitions  can take priority

As an experienced Integrative Psychotherapist I can help you to identify and remove irrational barriers, such as a negative self-image and self defeating behaviors’ ’, which might be causing, or in the very least contributing to any of the above feelings and emotions.

This is just a brief outline of some of the work that I do.
If you feel that I can be of help to you....or if you just want some additional information then just call reception at The Natural Health Centre, or email me on check out my website

You can also call into the centre where I have a folder outlining my therapies and  included are a selection of client letters showing the wide range of conditions that I have successfully treated.

I offer a no obligation initial consultation where we can meet face-to-face and discuss what  combination of therapies I offer will be the most effective for you.
This is a very important part of the process because you need to feel comfortable and confident with the therapist that you choose to work with.
Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe and natural therapy that is suitable for a wide range of conditions, from anxiety and stress, to helping to build confidence and self esteem and many more besides.

Hypnotherapy is especially effective in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and I offer a number of proven Weight Loss solutions including
The Hypno-Band  (The Virtual Gastric Band ..I am a licensed Practitioner).

Hypnotherapy is also effective for
Smoking Cessation
Phobias and Fears (including Dental Phobia/needle Phobias/fear of flying
Eating Disorders
Unwanted habits
Plus many other conditions.

I also offer Hypnosis for -
Positive Pregnancy
Hypno-Chemo  ( This is as a support to existing treatment) and
can assist with Positive Thinking/ Controlling Anxiety etc
Hypno-Chemo is suitable for both the patient and support person..

Hypnotherapy is suitable for most conditions and clients and to answer one of the most frequently asked questions….Everyone can be hypnotized.
I am an experienced  Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist/ Counsellor and Life Coach working from The Natural Health Centre,Woodbridge and I also offer appointments in Felixstowe

Before qualifying as a therapist I held a senior management position for many years which I believe has given me an insight into some of the issues that we can face in our day-to-day lives.

Since taking the decision to make a career change I became increasingly interested in the different forms of complimentary therapies, but it was ‘the mind’ that I became increasingly fascinated by, and the effect that our mental and emotional state could have on our physical well being.

What I enjoy most about the therapies that I offer is the way in which I can ‘help people to help themselves’.
As individuals we all have areas of our lives that we would like to improve on and yet it is not always easy to take that first step on the road to being the person we would like to be, living the life we would like to live.

Using an integrative approach to therapy and working in partnership with my clients I offer support and help in a confidential, caring, non-judgmental and safe environment.

Here is a brief outline of the main therapies that I use and some examples of how they might help you.