Natural Health Centre therapist profile

At Jane Famous Nutrition, I have one goal & that is to ensure you become a picture of health.

I have the use of SCIO, (optional), which helps to provide a unique insight into your physical and emotional well being. This enables me to address areas of concern more accurately such as digestion & absorption, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, fatigue, stress, skin problems and other health issues.

I eliminate the guess work and plan an individually tailored programme of nutritional health, taking into consideration your lifestyle, budget, likes & dislikes.


Jane Famous Dip ONT BANT - for a picture of health

Hopefully you will be inspired to act on my advice and start feeling healthy, looking
great and it will make a significant difference to your life

At Jane Famous Nutrition, most clients notice some of the following benefits on
their journey to better health:

- Increased energy & productivity
- Effortless weight (fat) loss & increased fitness
- Improved concentration & mood
- Improved ability to handle stress
- Improved skin & hair condition
- Improved digestive function
- Reduced hormonal difficulties
- Improved joint & cardiovascular health
- Fewer colds & infections
- Better sleep patterns

Whether you have health concerns, or wish to take preventative measures to
ensure your future health, I will help you take control of your own well being.


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