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Bowen Technique (also called Bowen Therapy) is a gentle touch therapy, a powerful non-invasive process that encourages the body to heal itself.

It is used for: back, knee, shoulder and neck problems; sport injuries & RSI; respiratory & nasal conditions; depression and stress, plus many other acute/chronic problems.
Bowen is suitable for men, women and children, infants of all ages.

(People such as all round action man, Bear Grylls benefits from regular Bowen treatments. (The Daily Mail, 24 April 2007) )  Hilary has practiced the Bowen technique since 2002, initially in NW London and, since 2004, in Suffolk. She also has clinics at Ufford Park Spa.
She has found Bowen to be a most effective route to well-being, and has used it with a variety of conditions such as Carpal Tunnel; vertigo, stress/weariness,infant colic and during  pregnancies.  Hilary is a member of The Bowen Therapist Professional Association, and is registered with The NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners.

For more information on Hilary, and to read Testimonials on Bowen treatments given by her please visit her website:  Also, you can watch a short video on the process of having a Bowen Treatment.

Home Visits by Hilary can be pre-arranged with her on 07778 306866.

Reiki for Animals
Hilary is also a qualified animal therapist, using light touch and Reiki.  She has worked for many years in conjunction with vet practices. She treats both companion animals and horses. She is a member of The Reiki Federation.


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Bowen Technique

Hilary Legard MBTER, Cert. ECBS (2002)