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Dean Parsons - Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor

Accredited by The National Counselling Society and The Royal College of Nursing’. Associate Member of the BACP.

Hello.  My name is Dean Parsons.  I am a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor.  I have a decade and a half of experience in helping people with a broad range of personal difficulties.  I am an 'Integrative' Counsellor and Psychotherapist and I am fully accredited. Further details about my accreditation and professional membership can be found in this web site. In my career, I have designed, commissioned and performance managed some of the top therapy and treatment services in the country; setting the standards for therapy.  I bring my skills and experience of delivering treatment and care through the NHS, Local Government and leading UK charities to my private practice in the beautiful English county of Suffolk. You can be assured of a high standard of expertise.
Counselling is helpful in responding to specific difficulties, issues or crises that are more current.  These problems are more easily identified and are then explored over an agreed number of weeks or months; sometimes longer. 

Counselling considers the cause of presenting problems, explores how the difficulties are impacting upon day to day life, thoughts, feelings and emotions and helps create coping strategies that will empower new ways of responding to problems and difficulties; both now and in the future.    
Psychotherapy is helpful where difficulties are known to exist, but the origin of the problem is not necessarily clear or, in some cases, may be related to an historic trauma. 

The impact of the difficulty being experienced may be causing considerable psychological distress and, in some cases, a physiological disorder or physical symptoms.  This is often because the difficulty may be causing an unwellness to the person as a whole; 'mind, body, spirit' - so to speak. 

Psychotherapy is an in-depth therapy, with far reaching benefits and greater potential for meaningful, long-term change.

Typically, psychotherapy will go on for considerably longer than counselling; anything from six months to several years, with sessions either weekly or often at a higher frequency.

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